I have my father to thank for a countless number of things. At a very young age my father would read me bedtime stories, but most of the time they weren't children's books. During my father's lunch break he would read a chapter or so out an adventure or fantasy book. At night he’d paraphrase the chapter, telling it to me as if he was there to witness it all. Additionally, my father loved showing me old me - whether I cared to watch or not.

When I was about four or six, we were watching some old western and I remember being struck by this movie. I told my father that I didn’t understand how the filmmakers knew where to put the camera for all these historic events; how they could anticipate everyone's moves. My dad told me what we were watching was fake. WHAT? No way!  “I just saw a guy get shot on the roof of a solon and fall to the ground!” He informed me it was a stuntman, I could barely believe it. Since then I have been mesmerized by the magic of movies.

I spent a great deal of time during my grade school years running around with my dad’s VHS camera. I did a lot of the typical kid stuff; made some stop motion movies, filmed my friends running around the neighborhood, and shot a lot of our family vacations. My father even showed me how to edit using a VCR and a VHS camera; it was a nightmare.  From early on, my brother and father both helped encourage this passion.

The Christmas when I was a sixth grader changed everything. My brother came home from college, having shot a documentary for a class, showed me how to use an early version of Premiere Pro and out of nowhere my dad’s mother gave me a mini-DV camera. I got obsessed! As a sixth grader, on my own, I was studying color picture, three point lighting, basic composition. Through middle school and into high school YouTube was my education center and shows like Indy Mogul and Film Riot were my teachers. I went onto shoot around 200 videos by the time I graduated high school.

Stories hold great power. I believe that visual story telling is one of the most influential mediums we have. Because of that filmmakers have a great responsibility to the authenticity of their films. For me, filmmaking is a calling. Films can shape minds and hearts. I so deeply want to make films that glorify The Creator and that He might used to change lives.

Currently Atlanta is home. I work as a Set Lighting Technician and Gaffer. I also teach lighting  and photography at Southern Crescent Technical College. My goal is to work with a team of artist’s to make films that matter. Please, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to talk!


- Kevin